Why choose Vinoos?

A few good reasons…

VINOOS takes responsibility. We are committed to reducing the negative impact on the world and the people around us. And strengthen your connection with the other. Do good, connect through Vinoos! Beautiful, valuable and responsibility goes hand in hand.

We take you through our mission and positions:

Inclusive Society

VINOOS founder Mireille Reuling is mother of three children. A twin girl and a young boy. He was born at 28 weeks. Therefore he had had a stroke and can’t use his legs. It’s a great, beautiful boy in a wheelchair. Very social and heart. Due to this situation Mireille decided to have her whole packing, fulfilment and wood production process carried by disabled people with physical or mental impairment. These people are often ignored, but we believe in them. We want to bring positive change in society. We find these inspiring people everywhere. Now they feel they belong. A little step for us, is a huge step for them. We make them happy by making them part of our story and design. Beautiful.

People first
We build on the beauty of people, leading us to support and work with social workplaces, minority groups and other female entrepreneurs. 50% of our production is fulfilled by persons with a mental or physical disability. These people are often ignored, but we believe in them. It provides experience, fun, productive activity and skills. We want to bring a positive change in society!

Houtgenoten involves young disabled people in their wood productions. They provide experience, fun, productive activity and skills. They take pride in making our products and their work is truly beautiful!

Each with their own story, but all connected. We are proud that our Vinoos products have been hand-packed with so much love for many years. The attention paid to packing our products can be seen in every detail. People feel very valuable and that makes us happy!

Vinoos is nominated in 2022 and 2023 for inclusive entrepreneur of the year!

“I will always remain that driving force and inspire others so that more people will get a chance.”



There is nothing close to what we do. We are a unique gift label inspired by the bottle. All of our products are made in fresh, small batches. Both our collections, The Real Wine Gums and The Real Wine Soaps, are handmade.

For our Wine Jewellery collection we team up with two Dutch glass studios to create beautiful upcycled beads from old wine bottles. Vinoos handcrafts the remaining production stages at their studio in Arhem, transforming each piece into a beautifully packaged end product.


Minimum carbon footprint

Compostable packaging hospitality concept

For our hospitality concept we recently switched to a compostable packaging for our tiny winys. This way we can serve you a fresh tasting gum, without using plastics!

Upcycled Wine jewellery – message from a bottle
Inspired by the simple beauty of discarded wine bottles, founder Mireille Reuling saw an opportunity for a more meaningful purpose. In this upcycling process, we team up with two Dutch glass studios (Glasatelier Ravenstein and Strides Kreatief Abbekerk) to create beautiful beads for our unique jewellery collection ‘The Colours of Wine’.


Vinoos is a Dutch concept. We reduce environmental impact by shorter supply chains. We prioritize sourcing materials from local suppliers. The Real Wine Gum collection is 100% Dutch. We support small businesses, female entrepreneurs and even the local vineyard.

Our vineyard
Since September 2022, Vinoos has had its own vines at Wijngoed Mariëndaal in Oosterbeek. This fulfils a long-cherished wish to be physically involved in the vineyard and the process of making wine. This will allow Vinoos to give even more meaning to the connection that wine makes: from its origin to its product. This previously resulted in its own Dutch wine: Rosé Cabertin. Sustainable, organic and 100% local.

Made from the Souvignier Gris grape harvest of 2022, a treasure of pure bliss was created: Souvignier Gris Brut. This Dutch Brut is delicately smooth in taste. Its effervescent bubbles dance on the tongue as it displays a variety of subtle fruit aromas with finesse.

“Taste and experience the magic in the vineyard and the passion we have for connecting people.”



The Real Wine gum collection is vegan, glutenfree and non-alcoholic.
The Real Wine soap collection is 100% vegetable based, we add the highest quality raw materials, organics vegetable oils, clays, mountain honey, essential oils and plants selected for their beneficial properties.

More than a Wine gift

Vinoos hopes to inspire people and become a meaningful first step in sharing more moments together. Our products will make your costumers wonder and create a great experience for the people they love. It’s all about making memories!