At Vinoos we love dialogue, and we love making memories. We certainly love wine and getting lost together….

When opening a bottle, you don’t want to be alone. It encourages conviviality and it also inspires contemplation. Sharing good wine, is sharing stories and experiences. Whether bitter or sweet, wine is a great companion. We decided to rethink wines. How can we create something edible with meaning? With the best taste and the best quality? A thoughtful and excellent gift for the wine lovers in your life or a creative idea for a surprise note to say: “How are you? I miss drinking wine with you and having a good conversation. Wine soon?”

“Taking wine to a whole new level.“


Vinoos was a female founded venture, established in 2013 at the Herengracht in Amsterdam by three well-educatedand ambitious business women. They all had a similar pathin the world of finance and had also succeeded in other ventures.

Vision, network, entrepreneurship, creativity, and heart are competencies of high standards to them. A brilliant idea that arose because of the everyday wine o’clock ritual of one of the founders became the starting point for the many tasty products which followed in the Vinoos history.

“Who doesn’t long for those evenings spent sipping wine on the sofa with friends? We all do! I wanted to evoke that experiencefrom that first sip, but without actually drinking.”
– Founder & Creator Vinoos Concept, Mireille Reuling

It was quite a gamble, because making sophisticated edible wine gifts required a lot of time and good ingredients, which was a big investment. This resulted in high financial costs. Worldwide, many people like wine, but the biggest risk was that most people knew only wine from the bottle and liked it that way.

Nevertheless we wanted to initiate a positive change in the wine and gift industry. The palate was ready for a change. It continued as the winner at the European Columbus Award with the unique concept of edible wine and continues as a ‘grape’ new experience that surprises and makes you happy.

“They smell and taste just like wine,
like you just took a sip of wine.


Pop the corks! Finally you can re-create that relaxed wine moment anywhere at any time with an edible wine tasting, alone or with friends. Our concept intensifies the perception of wine by pouring it into a new edible form. The wine gums offer an interplay of the senses. Experience their sensational scent, their gentle touch, amazing taste, and a finish that lingers in your mouth. All our flavours are totally vegan, gluten free, non-alcoholic and with top notch packaging.

Unique notes of the Vinoos Collection
You don’t have to be a wine specialist to fall in love with our elegant treats. We have worked for years to create their perfect aromas and taste. Now you can taste your favourite wine.

Discover our wine gums, inspired by the bouquet in the wine glass.

ChardonnayFloral & Fruity
Sauvignon BlancGreen & Fruity
Grand Cru – Botanical & Floral
MerlotEarthy & Fruity
Rosé WineFruity & Longlasting
Sparkling RoséFruity & Tingle on the finish
Sparkling Shiraz Fruity & Refined

We will never stop perfecting these not-so-basic-wine-gifts. Allwith a long-lingering finish.


Making Sustainable Stylish
Style and sustainability shouldn’t be trade-offs. We believe in products that engage people while reducing impact on the planet. We choose environmentally friendlier packing material.

Our products are packed in unbleached paper and we source locally. The whole collection is created and produced in The Netherlands. So you can feel good about making them part of your friendship, dinner, gifts collection or office.

Handmade & Healthy
We are well aware that healthy living is important in our way of eating and drinking. Companies have to participate. That’s why we are developing a hand made ‘healthy and sustainable’ wine gum in our studio. This variation contains seaweed and fibres. It’s not only delicious but also better for nature.

Coming Soon – New Label
For the last two years, we have been working on something new and amazing: Alcoholic edibles in collaboration with some great people and international brands like Laphroaig and Bobby’s Gin. You need to experience this!

Fragmentastes is an adventurous brand producing handmade alcoholic edibles. Unique enticingtastes of the finest quality in surprising international recipes. These products are created by aglobal community of creative professionals with the highest attention to origin and details, always with sensory pleasure in mind. A bite of these edibles will instantly transport you to other partsand stories of the world.

Available soon!

“Taste invites reflection”



People first
When you gift well, you do well. Vinoos is more about We than Me. We built on the beauty of people, leading us to support and work with social workplaces, minority groups, and other female entrepreneurs. We believe in building links between people and giving them a chance.

That can only happen when we empower, support, and respect their voices. Together we aim to make a story and a difference.

Vinoos hopes to inspire people and become a meaningful first step in sharing more moments together. It’s all about making memories! When you gift well, you do well.