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“As a conceptual designer, I believe in ‘The art of conversation’, I believe in great ideas and creating unique valuable things that have never before existed. My intention is to translate these ideas into phenomenal, funny, (and edible) conversation pieces to easily share and make memories together. That’s what life is all about.”

About The Real Wine gum – Wine as Art!
In socializing with people for years, I saw how a bottle (of wine) could help us to meet face-to-face and have real conversations. Magic happens when we slow down to enjoy a drink and to truly connect with those around us.

The Real Wine Gum was designed to capture that in an edible form. We partnered with a Michelin star chef and a food research institute to make this a reality. The result is a vegetarian, non-alcoholic luxury treat; thus leaving no excuse for anyone to try one. Now you can enjoy the sensations of wine without drinking it.

“It’s not about the candy, it’s about the conversation. Wine brings people together”


Meet the team

Jasmijn Boots

concept & styling

Lizette Schuurman


Maryse poels

graphic design

Rafaella heuvelmans

online marketing

Lisette Wickerhoff

NL sales manager

Stephanie Roquette

key account manager Scandinavia & France

Tristan Roquette

US sales manager

Amanda Slotboom

online marketing USA & Canada

Carina Claassen

manager logistics

Harry Reuling

manager finance & administration

petra lansbergen

export, logistics & finance

Bart Vinke

Artisan Confiseur

Laura Nieuwenhuis

website manager

Sophie Scheeffer

US Vinoos Shopify / Webdesign


People first
When you gift good, you do good. Vinoos is more about We than Me. We built on the beauty of people, leading us to support and work with social workplaces, minority groups and other female entrepreneurs. We believe in building links between people and giving them a chance.

But that can only happen when we empower, support and respect their voices. Together we aim to make a story and a difference.

Vinoos hopes to inspire people and become a meaningful first step in sharing more moments together. It’s all about making memories! When you gift good, you do good.